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What Is Cancer?


What is Vision B Seventeen?
Vision B Seventeen is a company led by "Prof" Syed Putra Meir who has for more than 12 years been helping cancer sufferers recover, or at the very least prolong and improve their quality of life. Most of those who have benefited had likely undergone conventional cancer treatments (surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy) and been told by their oncologists to prepare for the worst.

All Vision B Seventeen treatments are based on progressive body biochemistry snapshots taken through blood/urine tests.

What is cancer?
Cancer is a term used for diseases in which abnormal cells divide without control and are able to invade other tissues. All cancers begin in cells, the body's basic unit of life. To understand cancer, it's helpful to know what happens when normal cells become cancer cells. Cancer cells activate themselves when they come into contact with certain compounds, chemicals, emotions etc. The absolute true causes of cancer have yet to be determined. Cancer cells are just cells in our body that have gone "rogue". In an adult male some 50 to 70 billion cells die each day and are replaced in a very controlled manner. Damage or changes in the genetic material of cells, environmental or internal factors sometimes results in cells that do not die and continue to multiply until massive cancer cells or tumor develops. When detected, conventional medicine option is usually surgical removal, radiotherapy or chemotherapy (or combination thereof). Sometimes, the cure attempt ends up causing more harm than good. Cancer cells can spread to other parts of the body through the blood and lymph systems; metastasize. Most cancer related deaths are due to metastasis.

What do Vision B Seventeen products offer?
Vision B Seventeen promotes metabolic therapy and advocates orthomolecular medicine. We offer an extensive range of vitamin, herbal, mineral and food based products to support your decision to lead a healthier lifestyle and achieve optimum quality of life.

Our range consists of more than 100 remedies, some of which are specifically formulated and packaged into our purpose designed protocols for:
  • Cancer treatment and risk mitigation
  • Healthy heart maintenance
  • Optimum weight management
  • Diabetes control
  • General physical wellness and improved immunity

Where are the products from?
Most of our base products are imported from Mexico and formulated by research and development laboratories in the US, Mexico and Europe. Some blending is then done in our designated GMP factories in Malaysia where certain of our own organic and/or mineral ingredients are added.

It appears Vision B Seventeen focuses on cancer and cardiac health. Why?
Technology driven industrial development has contaminated our air, water and environment; advanced food production and delivery technology has put mankind on a staple of processed food and unhealthy diet; technological advancements at work and play have created a pressure cooker setting of stress and sedentary life.

Whole generations now face risk factors that cause degenerative diseases like cardio vascular disease, diabetes, and CANCER, in addition to premature body aging, and psychiatric disorders.

All these collectively are now termed 21st Century Disease!

It is a known fact that heart disease and cancer are major causes of human mortality today. Both are essentially lifestyle diseases that can largely be avoided through proper nutrition and we believe, treated by metabolic therapy.

Billions of dollars have been spent on cancer research, nations have declared war on this disease and yet no conclusive solution has ever been found. Why should I trust this alternative treatment to be any better than the hundreds I see out there?

First, let us clarify that cancer cures have already been identified by many researchers since the early 1900s but as even your own research will reveal, they were quickly deemed as "quackery" by Governments influenced by large and powerful pharmaceutical companies. The inference is that "Big Pharma" (backed by the FDA?) has no interest in these findings being made public unless they can own them. The chemotherapy business alone is a USD600 Billion a year industry. Solutions that cannot be patented were quickly suppressed and removed from the mainstream. New chemotherapy drugs are progressively getting more expensive. With a 5-year survival rate of 2.1% chemotherapy should not qualify as cancer treatment let alone cure!

Secondly, there are many alternative solutions out there. We let the people who have undergone this treatment make statements for themselves. If the treatment has helped them, we will let them say it. Feel free to talk to these people personally and draw your own conclusions.

In one sentence, tell me why I should consider this treatment apart from all the others?
This alternative treatment will show results in just 19 days, and if you have 19 to 40 days of your life to spare, you should certainly give it a go. Sadly, many of those who come to us after being ravaged by conventional therapy do not have.

Are you saying that we can make this cancer go away in just 19 days?
In some cases, yes but in most cases, treatment may continue up to 40 days, after which only preventive and maintenance programs are administered.

If that is the case, if I consume large proportions of Vitamin B-17, will it rid me of my cancer?
If you were a healthy person with un-activated cancer cells, the above would hold true. Large proportions are not necessary, but rather a sustainable proportion would suffice to prevent cancer from ever happening. If however, you are a cancer sufferer with activated cells all over you body, the treatment is altogether a bit more complex.

A cocktail of herbs, vitamins and minerals, when combined together in the right amounts and in the right sequence, can effectively destroy active cancer cells to a manageable proportion. Manageable enough that the disease is not life threatening, manageable enough that the Vitamin B-17 can slowly hack away all the remaining cancer cells in your body to a stage where normalcy in life can be attained, and the quality of life, returned. Do not under estimate, the ability of the body to heal itself.

What are the pitfalls?
Time is the greatest enemy for most cancer sufferers. Society conditions most of them to put faith in only conventional treatments as the first stop in cancer treatment that they will allow their bodies to be racked by cycle after cycle of chemotherapy (and/or radiotherapy) that weakens them into a walking shells; so weak, they can hardly keep themselves conscious!

Chemotherapy has a success rate (survival > 5 years) of less than 2.10%!! This dismal statistics does not qualify chemotherapy as a treatment let alone a cure!

Oncologists will give up all hope when patients no longer respond to their treatments (and usually also no longer can afford) and their grim news unloaded to their patients' loved ones would be to tell them to make the patient comfortable and to settle their finances and Will. In short, to prepare the patient and themselves for the inevitable. THEN and ONLY THEN will some family member come up with the brilliant idea of trying alternative medicine. Great!

Some do come to us and expect miracles; to repair damage that sometimes is already just too severe. However, many do get their wish!

Our treatment is administered orally which basically means that the patient will be required to "eat/consume" the herbs, minerals, vitamins etc that are prescribed in the protocol. If the patient is too weak to do so, there is very little we can do.

When you say orally, you mean to say that we just have to ingest the remedies given? No invasive surgeries? ALL types of cancers?
No surgery. ALL types of cancers. However, we have had cases where the growth of the cancer has grown too large and is causing the patient much distress; emotionally and physically. We have even been known recommended patients to accede to their oncologists request for operations or chemo for certain types of cancer but 99% of the time, no surgery is ever required.

This is a great contrast from conventional medicine where surgery (depending on the cancer type) is done in 60-70% of the cases. Why is this so?
Conventional medicine only knows 3 ways of treating cancer – surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. The results are dismal to say the least. The order of the day is usually to cut the growth away, then treat it with radiotherapy and if all fails, "carpet bomb" the body with toxic chemicals!

Our therapy seeks to treat the root cause of the cancer and not only to target the organs affected by cancer but also to repair those organs at the same time.

Your website reads Vitamin B-17 and that seems to be the major component in your treatment program.
It is our contention that cancer is a vitamin deficiency disease in that the body requires Vitamin B-17 to increase its resistance to cancer.

Cancer was not common at the turn of the 20th century and indeed, up until the Second World War, there were relatively few reported cases. As time went on, the 50s and 60s saw marked increase in cancer cases, although still not at alarming proportions. However, an increasing trend since the 70s, 80s and 90s and now after the year 2000, has resulted in a statistic that 1 in every 4 people will have cancer in his lifetime. Why is that so?

In the early 1900s, economies were mainly agriculture driven. We tilled the lands and survived from the land. We ate fresh produce, a lot of fibre and we never had large quantities of processed foods. Life was a lot more basic then. But today virtually all our food has been processed; many of which we are unclear how they came about and what they put in it. We scrutinize labels but can never be sure if the information contained within is accurate or not.

Vitamin B-17 can be found in over 1,500 different fruits and vegetables. It was very much a part of our daily diet until we started to process foods. We processed foods to make it taste better, to make it last longer on the shelves, and to cut costs we started looking for artificial replacements for flavour and nutrients. We started introducing new synthetic compounds and chemicals into our bodies without fully understanding the consequences. The debate is still raging on carcinogenic effects of genetically modified foods or biotech foods i.e. foods derived from genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

In the early seafaring days, sailors used to die of scurvy until it was discovered that the disease was due to extended periods of Vitamin C deficiency. Today, cancer is obviously a lifestyle disease made worse by the foods that we consume and deficiency of Vitamin B17 in our diet. Click here to see an animation on how Vitamin B-17 fights cancer cells.

If that is the case, if I consume large portions of Vitamin B-17, will it rid me of my cancer?
If you were a healthy person with un-activated cancer cells, the above would hold true. Large portions are not necessary, but two scoops of our Vitamin B17 Nitriloside a day would suffice in fortifying the body against cancer.

If however, you are already a cancer sufferer treatment with Vitamin B17 alone is not enough. We would need you to undergo our prescribed comprehensive blood and urine test at our Panel laboratory before we propose a treatment.

Our treatment seeks to achieve the twin purpose of destroying cancer cells at the same time repair and rejuvenated the body and damaged organs. We never underestimate the ability of the body to heal itself.

What does the treatment entail? What should I expect?
From the results of the blood/urine test, a treatment protocol will be designed that caters tor your type and degree of cancer. There are two types of treatment protocols; a fast-track 19-day protocol for highly metastasized cancers and a "normal" protocol for non-metastasized cancer that targets specific areas aspects of an imbalanced bio-chemistry indicated by the test results. Both protocols entail the consumption of prescribed herbs, vitamins and minerals.

The 19-Day Fast-track Protocol consists of our special Vitamin B17 Fast Track Protocol Full Pack together with allied remedies that are deemed necessary by the blood test results.

The 19 days is segregated into the first 5 days and the subsequent 14 days. Dietary constraints are paramount during the protocol and most patients are known to have bouts of vomiting and purging as the body undergoes a detoxification during the protocol. Patients are required to follow a pre-designed time-table where intake of more than 20 types of remedies is scheduled throughout an 18 hour waking day.

Upon completing the standard 19 day protocol, a patient will be required to undergo another blood test on about the 24th day. From the results of that blood test, specific remedies may be prescribed to address specific areas that may be slow to respond to the treatment until the 40th day. Depending on the blood test results, your treatment may end anywhere between the 19th day and the 40th day. After which a maintenance program will be recommended.

Blood tests? According to conventional medicine blood test can only be about 40% accurate. Can a blood test tell us what we need to know?
Yes. Conventional medical practitioners are not taught to read blood test results in a holistic manner and are limited in the parameters that are considered indicative. There is a science to which blood tests are read. The blood test will reveal the origin of the cancer, where it has spread to and indicate what health risks that prevail. Like all cells in our body, cancer cells do consume and excrete chemicals, enzymes, nutrients. From the pattern of this consumption and excretion, we can determine exactly what is going on in your body.

How much does a blood test like this cost?
At the time of this print, and if you use our panel lab, not more RM300.

How much does the 19 day protocol cost?
Depending on the nature of your cancer and condition, it is definitely cheaper than conventional methods of treatment.

Will I be required to continue with the chemotherapy whilst on the 19 day protocol?
No. All patients are advised to CEASE ALL chemotherapy treatments while on the 19 day protocol. In fact patients are required to rest for 2 weeks from the last chemotherapy treatment to allow the body to recover itself from the detrimental effects of chemotherapy and readings from blood tests to be more representative.

Are there any guarantees that this protocol would work?
Even conventional medicine cannot give guarantees and we can only say our success statistics and results far exceed those of conventional treatments.

What is the name of this treatment type?
This is what we call "Orthomolecular Medicine".

Where did this protocol originate from? Who is the person behind this methodology?
The protocol originated from Mexico, where a lot of medical practitioners in the field of cancer set up base. From Mexico, a lot of alternative medicine research was initiated, mainly in the form of a compound called "laetrile". Our protocol uses "Amygdalin" which is the raw form of "laetrile" which we found to be more effective than "laetrile". "Laetrile" is the trade name for laevo-mandelonitrile-beta-glucuronoside, a substance allegedly synthesized by Ernst T. Krebs, Jr., and registered with the U.S. Patent Office for the treatment of "disorders of intestinal fermentation." This compound is chemically related to "amygdalin", a substance found naturally in the pits of apricots and various other fruits. Most proponents of Laetrile for the treatment of cancer use the terms "Laetrile" and amygdalin interchangeably.

I have been diagnosed with Cancer. Will vitamin B-17 work on any type of cancer?
Dr. Krebs says "yes". Cancer cells all have the exact same characteristics. Cancer cells, no matter the type of cancer, are known as trophoblast.

I have been diagnosed with Cancer. What should be my dosage of vitamin B-17, what do I take it with, and how long do I take it for?
"If you have Cancer, the most important single consideration is to get the maximum amount of Vitamin B17 into your body in the shortest period of time. This is secondary to the medical skill involved in administering it, which is relatively minimal." - Ernest T. Krebs, Jr.

Many people take vitamin B-17 and B-17 only, and many people take it as part a combined metabolic protocol. The ideal thing to do is to always make vitamin B-17 part of a multi-faceted program incorporating numerous related elements, each of which plays an important role in the success of the complete therapy

Can I take Vitamin B17 with chemotherapy or radiation, or if I am scheduled for surgery?
Dr. Krebs says "yes", but remember this: Vitamin B-17 metabolic therapy will go into the body to help your immune system fight the cancer without doing any harm to you. What it cannot do, is correct the irreparable damage sometimes caused by excessive chemotherapy or radiation, or by the cancer itself. According to Dr. Krebs, anyone at any stage is a candidate for metabolic treatment.

I have undergone chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. Can vitamin B-17 still help me?
By solution we mean both prevention and cure. WHAT REALLY CURES REALLY PREVENTS.
If you are about to have surgery, or even a biopsy, where the cancer cells are going to be disturbed, it is imperative that you take vitamin B-17 to kill the remaining free cells. Vitamin B-17 can only help and will definitely not hurt.

I am a cancer survivor; what is the recommended maintenance dose of vitamin B-17?
According to Dr. Krebs, a severe cancer crisis brought under control may be maintained in a quiescent state by the oral administration of 1 gram (1000 mg) of Vitamin B-17 daily. However some patients claim to feel better or safer with 1.5 to 2.0 grams of B-17 daily. Such dosage is determined by the patient's sense of well being, gain in strength, increased appetite, weight gain, and psychological improvement with reduction of anxiety and nervousness, with exhibition of a more nearly normal degree of optimism and interest in his environment.

What is the success rate with my specific type of cancer?
Success rates for specific types of cancer are determined based on the stage of the cancer and/or the possible damage caused by the effects of chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, or the cancer itself. Vitamin B-17 can only help you and not hurt you. If you have just been diagnosed the ideal thing to do is to start metabolic therapy immediately. Dr. Krebs claimed a 98% success rate with virgin cases (Primary cancers, non metastatic, where the patient has not had chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery).

Would there be a problem with the other drugs I am taking for pre-existing conditions (Diabetes, cholesterol, ulcer, high blood pressure, drugs etc)? I am currently taking: Lipitor, Glynase, Ranitidine, and occasionally Tylenol 3.
Metabolic physicians agree that cancer is a local manifestation of a systemic or metabolic disease. This means that some of those pre-existing conditions may have contributed to the formation of your malignancy. Metabolic therapy is meant to treat the entire body, not just the disease.

How long does it take to see result? How long will it take to rid my body of cancer?
There are two kinds of result that are usually observed while undergoing Laetrile (B-17) Metabolic Therapy. These can be classified as both subjective and objective. Subjective results are usually seen immediately after beginning treatment: these include decrease of pain, indicated by a decrease in the amount of frequency of the use narcotics or sedatives, increase in the sense of well-being, increased appetite, disappearance of fetor from lesions, increased energy or endurance, increase in weight, and increase in muscle strength.

Objective results include improvement in blood and urine chemistry, increased tissue repair, decrease of tumefaction, decrease in the output of presumptive chorionic gonadotropin in the serum of urine, and total regression of all symptoms of the disease. Objective results can take between 3 weeks to 4 months to manifest. The time needed to develop the maximum response is 4 month to over a year.