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What Is Cancer?

The Secret

A World Without Cancer - G. Edward Griffin

Vision B Seventeen Vitamin B-17 Nitrilosides
The Secret Wonder of the World.

Vitamin B17 Nitrilosides

What is their Secret?
The Hunzakuts are known all over the world for their longevity, quality of life and they are practically free from cancer. Why? It is because their diet consists of foods that are high in Vitamin B-17!

The Diet Factor
"There is compelling evidence that the removal of Vitamin B-17 from our diets has played the biggest single role (in causing cancer)... Cancer is merely a vitamin deficiency disease..."

What is Vitamin B-17?
It is a natural substance found in nitrilosides foods that destroy cancer cells while nourishing non-cancer cells.

The Therapy Approach
The benefits of Vitamin B-17 are well-researched and documented. Vitamin B-17 & Omega-3 when taken together are synergistically used as an effective, non-toxic, non-invasive and inexpensive therapeutic approach for the prevention and treatment of all types of cancer and degenerative heart disease.

"For the prevention of cancer and the maintenance of remission, there is nothing as effective as B-17... Its non-toxicity permits of its use indefinitely" ~ Dr Ernesto Contreras (Harvard)

The Natural Metabolic Therapy approach can complement Conventional Cancer Therapies such as chemotherapy/radiation/surgery OR be performed independently of such conventional therapies.

Vision B Seventeen Vitamin B-17 Nitrilosides:
Vision B Seventeen Vitamin B-17 Nitrilosides is a proprietary formulation of nitrilosidic seeds and kernels derived from Hunza Bitter Apricot, Omega 3 Golden Flax, Sesame and Sunflower. It is a powerful antioxidant and immunity boosting supplement that provides a wide spectrum of Vitamin B-17, ALA, enzymes, phytochemicals, lignans, essential vitamins, zinc, selenium and other important minerals.