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What Is Cancer?


Ground Flax Seeds And You

Vision B Seventeen Omega 3 Golden Flax
Wellness Done Well

Vision B Seventeen Omega-3 Roasted Golden Flax 454g (Powder form) 


Vision B Seventeen Omega-3 Roasted Golden Flax:
  • is Cold Milled
  • is 100% Pure & Natural
  • is 100% Vegetarian
  • contains no preservatives, additives, colorants, artificial sweeteners or sugar
  • is certified Non-GMO and 100% pure for human consumption.

Vision B Seventeen Omega 3 - Roasted Golden Flax has been milled and bottled under the strictest regulations to ensure the freshness and quality of our products. Flax seeds are the best natural source for Omega 3 minus the lipids that we get from eating fish, although fish is high in EPA & DHA. Hence if you can, include Vision B Seventeen Omega 3 - Roasted Golden Flax into your daily diet. It is by far your best defense against heart disease, hypertension, diabetes and cancer.

Flax, properly known as Linum usitatissimum, has been cultivated since ancient times as a source of food or fiber. Put simply, it is a complete health solution with many proven benefits. Flax seed:

    • - is the best natural source of ALA-Omega 3
    • - contains Omega-3s and Omega-6s in an optimal 3:1 balance
    • - is a good source of dietary fiber, protein and lignans
    • - is available in convenient preparations that are easily added to common foods
    • - gives food great texture and flavor

In addition to ALA-Omega 3, flaxseed also contains protein, dietary fiber and lignans-and all of these components together create synergies beyond the sum of their parts. Milling or grinding flaxseed is the best way to tap into all of its nutritional benefits.

Omega-3s are a family of unsaturated fatty acids that are important components of cell membranes. The most common Omega-3s are alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).

Flaxseed is the richest natural source of ALA, though ALA can also be found other vegetable sources including canola oil, walnuts and dark, leafy greens. ALA is crucial for maintaining cardiovascular health and can reduce the risk of diabetes or cancer. The human body cannot produce ALA-it must be obtained from dietary sources.

EPA and DHA are primarily found in cold-water fish, like mackerel, tuna or salmon, and they can be produced in the body from ALA. EPA supports cardiovascular health, and DHA plays a key role in infant and brain development.

·       Acts to reduce blood clotting and arterial plaque; reduce risk of cardiovascular disease/stroke
·       Controls blood pressure and blood sugar content
·       Has slimming and diabetic prevention/control properties
·       Reduces inflammation and related diseases such as asthma and arthritis
·       Reduces risk of prostate and breast cancer