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Jobless Millionaires International
No 5-2 & 5-3, Jalan Seri Rejang
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No. 24 (Ground Floor), Jalan Pak Sako 4, Bandar Sri Semantan, 28000 Temerloh, Pahang
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Prof Syed Putra Meir: +6012-6655549
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What Is Cancer?

About Us


We are only 12 years into the 21st Century yet it is already the understatement of the century to say that our world has changed drastically! Corny as it may sound, but change is the only constant in today’s era.

Even our ecological environment has not been spared major climatic and geographical changes due to both human and natural causes. On the global financial front, the continued rise of the China economic juggernaut and other emerging economies counter to bludgeoning Euro zone debt burdens and the unrelenting US trade deficit conundrum is defining anew wealth ownership perspectives for decades to come.

Advancements especially in information communication technology and increasing internet penetration rate have caused a whole new paradigm in social media networking and impacted the lifestyles of whole populations! The way we work and indeed the way we play has changed forever in our effort to find new ways to compete and survive, and in catering to new needs! In an increasingly outsourced world there is no longer such a thing called "job security”. Many jobs have disappeared only to be replaced by the fundamental need to get work done.

The burden of governments to provide basic human amenities like clean water and air, affordable healthcare, housing, convenient transport systems, etc has become almost untenable due to spiraling costs and lower intrinsic value of money. Inherent global population growth has put pressure on food production and satisfying consumption needs. We are now largely a population increasingly surviving on a staple of processed and genetically modified foods. Last and definitely not least, more of us are being afflicted by degenerative diseases like never before! Cancer, cardiovascular conditions, diabetes, psychiatric disorders are now collectively termed 21st Century Disease and we already have an epidemic! The real bad news is that our World is not about to change for the better any time soon!

It is a known fact that the human body has a natural ability to fix itself; it wants to fix itself, knows how to fix itself and most of the time the human body can fix itself. But in order for it to be able to fix itself, it needs the 3 holistic essentials that the New Health Model advocates:
a. Creating Purity (through removing toxicities)
b. Optimizing Nutrients (through removing deficiencies)
c. Maximizing Relationships (through mastering your psychology)

Prof Syed Putra Meir


Vision B Seventeen – The First Stop

Vision B Seventeen is a company started by "Prof" Syed Putra Meir who has for more than 12 years been helping cancer sufferers recover, or at the very least prolong and improve their quality of life. Most of those who have benefited had likely undergone conventional cancer treatments (surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy) and been told by their oncologists to prepare for the worst.

Technology driven industrial development has contaminated our air, water and environment; advanced food production and delivery technology has put mankind on a staple of processed food and unhealthy diet; technological advancements at work and play have created a pressure cooker setting of stress and sedentary life.

Whole generations now face risk factors that cause degenerative diseases like cardio vascular disease, diabetes, and CANCER, in addition to premature body aging, and psychiatric disorders. All these collectively are now termed 21st Century Disease!

It is a known fact that heart disease and cancer are major causes of human mortality today. Both are essentially lifestyle diseases that can largely be avoided through proper nutrition and we believe, treated by metabolic therapy.

Vision B Seventeen promotes metabolic therapy and advocates orthomolecular medicine. We offer an extensive range of vitamin, herbal, mineral and food based products to support your decision to lead a healthier lifestyle and achieve optimum quality of life.

Our range consists of more than 100 remedies, some of which are specifically formulated and packaged into our purpose designed protocols for:
  • Cancer treatment and risk mitigation
  • Healthy heart maintenance
  • Optimum weight management
  • Diabetes control
  • General physical wellness and improved immunity
All Vision B Seventeen treatment protocols are based on progressive body biochemistry snapshots taken through blood/urine tests.

Cancer Diagnosis

Early and accurate detection matters a lot when it comes to successful cancer treatment. Contrary to popular belief, conventional methodology like imaging, laboratory tests (including tests for tumour markers), tumour biopsy, endoscopic examination, surgery, or genetic testing may not be the most effective when it comes to cancer diagnosis. At Vision B Seventeen our advantage over all other treatments whether conventional or alternative, begins literally at the beginning. Our differentiator is in our prescribed blood test and interpretation of a combination of readings (not only tumour markers) in itself or in relation to each other. We are usually able to trace the source of the cancer and the extent of metastasis to other secondary sites at least better than Malaysian doctors.

This advantage directly translates to our capability in treating cancers more effectively since our treatment protocols are designed to strike at the root of the cancers, at the same time repair damaged organs and tissue ravaged by the disease. Most of our patients actually experience immediate reduction in pain and general feelings of improvement.

In most cases, patients come to Vision B Seventeen after undergoing conventional treatments and with the collateral damage caused by chemical and radiation treatments. Their bodies are usually already too weakened to naturally heal itself and more often than not their doctors have given up.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of alternative cancer treatments is that the right ones do work! The new credo seems to be:

"If you are diagnosed with cancer, there are just three things you can do;
To live a longer normal life, do nothing
To shorten and reduce quality of your life, see an oncologist
To have real chance of a cure, come to Vision B Seventeen!”