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What Is Cancer?

Treatment Protocols

The Vision B Seventeen Cancer Treatment Protocols

Cancer today need not necessarily be a death sentence anymore. When first diagnosed with the disease and one takes the time to learn about alternative cancer treatments from the thousands of sources especially on the internet, chances are one will no longer make that reflex choice of radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy. There is now hope. There is Vision B Seventeen!

Vision B Seventeen promotes metabolic therapy and advocates orthomolecular medicine. We offer an extensive range of vitamin, herbal, mineral and food based products to support your decision to lead a healthier lifestyle and achieve optimum quality of life. Our range consists of more than 100 remedies, some of which are specifically formulated and packaged into our purpose designed protocols for:
  • Cancer treatment and risk mitigation
  • Healthy heart maintenance
  • Optimum weight management
  • Diabetes control
  • General physical wellness and improved immunity
For the purpose of this section we focus on the renown Vision B Seventeen Cancer Treatment Protocols which have helped thousands lead quality lives.

The Blood/Urine Test

A consultation visit to Vision B Seventeen should normally be preceded by a prescribed blood/urine test. In Kuala Lumpur, we direct patients to LabLink because they have done hundreds of such tests. Examples of our test prescription form for Male and Female are as follows:

The results of the test will allow us to gauge to a great extent the prevailing biochemistry of a patient's body and for a newbie, provides a "before" snapshot.

An example of one of the pages of the report is shown below. In this case, it is the page containing tumour markers and illustrates a real life "before" and "after" treatment example of a female patient who had colon, ovarian and breast cancer. The reports are 28 days apart after the patient underwent our 19-Day Fast-track Protocol during the period.

After the blood/urine test

From the results of the blood/urine test, a treatment protocol will be designed that caters to a patient’s type and degree of cancer. There are two types of treatment protocols;

· A fast-track 19-day protocol for highly metastasized cancers and
· A "normal" protocol for non-metastasized cancer that targets specific areas and aspects of an imbalanced bio-chemistry indicated by the test results.

Both protocols entail the consumption of prescribed herbs, vitamins and minerals.

The 19-day Fast-Track Protocol

The 19-Day Fast-track Protocol consists of our special Vitamin B17 Fast Track Protocol Full Pack together with allied remedies that are deemed necessary by the blood test results. While Vitamin B17 is a critical component in our treatment of cancer, Vitamin B17 alone is not enough to achieve the quick results we aspire. The objective is not only to stop the cancer but also to repair any damaged tissue and organs.

The 19 days is segregated into the first 5 days and the subsequent 14 days. Dietary constraints are paramount during the protocol and most patients are known to have bouts of vomiting and purging as the body undergoes a detoxification during the protocol. Patients are required to follow a pre-designed time-table where intake of more than 20 types of remedies is scheduled throughout an 18 hour waking day.

Upon completing the standard 19 day protocol, a patient will be required to undergo another blood test on about the 24th day. From the results of that blood test, specific remedies may be prescribed to address specific areas that may be slow to respond to the treatment until the 40th day.

Depending on the blood test results, your treatment may end anywhere between the 19th day and the 40th day. After which a maintenance program will be recommended.